Bhinda Jatt - Sheran Da Jor (Full Video)

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VIP Records are proud to present the brand new 10-tracker album 'Mohabbtan' from Birmingham based all-rounder Jassi Jalandhari, check out the full video to Sheran Da Jor featuring Bhinda Jatt here!

The album features seasoned folk music icons like Maddan Maddi, Meshi Eshara, Manjit Pappu, also featuring the modern style of Hap-ee and bringing back the ‘Californian King’ Bhinda Jatt.

“I very pleased to have worked with such an array of singers on this album and bringing the likes of Bhinda Jatt back to his traditional style with a bang!” explains Jassi. “I’m also introducing a new singer called Sonu G who is from Punjab…I’m sure the Bhangra fans out there will be very impressed with his vocal style…I look forward to the fans feedback.”

Jassi last featured on the debut project by Kalikwest in early 2012 and since the release of the anthem ‘Traditional Tribute’ which featured the vocals of Manjit Pappu. Jassi has seen his stock rise and with his debut with VIP Records looks set to further establish his particular UK-fused Punjabi sound to the wider audience. With his deep-rooted desi-beats laced with some typically emotionally charged lyrics, Jassi’s work with some of the top voices and melody-makers has most definitely influenced his musical path.

Lyrics penned by the legendary Jandu Littranwala, hit maker Amarjit Musapuria, Billu Kang (who debuted on Sukshinder Shinda’s‘BaskarBaskar’), Jitt Salala who wrote the monster-hit ‘La La La’,the romance of Surinderjit Maqsudpuri’s voice, and Jassi himself singing and writing, this album shows the versatility and a somewhat personal, interpretation of love and happiness with ‘Mohabbtan’. Enjoy!

Watch out for Jassi Jalandhari’s debut with VIP Records, ‘Mohabbtan’ out now!

Mohabbtan - Jassi J

Track listing:

01. Mohabbtan Kar Laiye (Madan Maddi)
02. Pyar Pauna Te (Jassi J)
03. Sheran Da Jor (Bhinda Jatt)
04. Duppata Kashni Tera (Hap-ee)
05. Sadde Ton Piyara (Manjit Pappu)
06. Bijlee Wangu Lishke (Meshi Eshara)
07. Jind Meri Tu Sajna (G Sonu)
08. Din Khushiyan Da (Bhinda Jatt)
09. Sadde Ton Piyara Remix (Manjit Pappu ft Cheshire Cat)
10. Rah Jande Jande (Sarinderjit Maqsudpuri)

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Jassi Jalandhari ft.Bhinda Jatt - Sheran Da Jor by SimplyBhangra Music

Jassi Jalandhari ft. Manjit Pappu - Sadde Ton Piyara by SimplyBhangra Music

Jassi Jalandhari ft. Sarinderjit Maqsudpuri - Rah Jande Jande by SimplyBhangra Music

Jassi Jalandhari ft. Madan Maddi - Mohabbtan by SimplyBhangra Music

Jassi Jalandhari ft. G Sonu - Jind Meri Tu Sajna by SimplyBhangra Music

Jassi Jalandhari ft. Bhinda Jatt - Din Khushiyan Da by SimplyBhangra Music


pop star
+1 #9 pop star 2012-07-18 11:52
its a good effort! but dosnt really stand out!
The Troof
+4 #8 The Troof 2012-07-17 07:00
His voice is good.

His videos suck.

His outfits suck.

He needs proper management to make a real comeback. Looks like VIP is not doing much to help!
+2 #7 AAA!@ 2012-07-14 17:27
He doesn't know how to dance but HEEEES BAAAAAAAAAAACk. Nice Track
+2 #6 medeep 2012-07-14 12:53
i thought it was jazzyb at 1st
awesome track binda jatt
0 #5 Weeman 2012-07-14 00:20
Great track!!
+3 #4 Aneela 2012-07-13 20:07
the music, vocals and lyrics are fab, but the video is a massive let down. it doesnt look right with the song, but i wish him good luck for the future because they could smash it
+2 #3 BigBoss 2012-07-13 20:02
I'm glad Bhinda Jatt is back on thescene, proper singer..not like all these numptys we got today.

allow the video..just a quick homemade vid to push jassi j's album, VIP records obviously didn't fund this.

when the Bhinda Jatt solo album comes, you know he'll get decent videos.
0 #2 chinajatt 2012-07-13 19:55
yeh the video was a let down gud track nice to see bhinda back
+5 #1 Realist 2012-07-13 18:50
Cant like or dislike the video, cant leave comments on youtube...whats the point if you cant take criticism.

its a good song, you can tell the him and Jazzy B worked together in the past (not a bad thing) concept needs to be updated, so does his sense of fashion. But who cares the guy can sing pretty well. Not groundbreaking but still worth buying.

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