DJ H feat Master Saleem - Pyar (Full Video)

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Dj H releases the video to the track titled 'Pyar' featuring Master Saleem, out now via iTunes!

Pyar produced by Kudos music's' very own multi-talented DJ H, is essentially a love song featuring the deep, traditional vocals of established singer, Master Saleem. His soothing vocals perfectly complement DJ H's traditionally modern east-meets-west beat leaving something that is truly romantic and calming, yet still exciting for the ears.

Filmed in India, the video also keeps a strong hold of traditional elements and culture, and took the Kudos team to over 5 different locations, ensuring the story they were looking to convey was told magnificently. Following the rags-to-riches story of a man from the slums, the video takes us along on his journey showing that no matter how much his life changed, his one true love remained constant throughout - and surely this is what 'pyar' is all about...

From village houses to flash cars, from multi-coloured holi powder to sari-clad dancers, this video has all the elements and more to make a traditionally Indian inspired video, and that is exactly what it delivers.

'Pyar' is definitely set to be one of the most popular 'first dance' wedding songs this summer, as the song itself is more than enough to make old and young couples alike fall in love with their better half's all over again. DJ H's 'Pyar' featuring Master Saleem is a true celebration of pure love and romantic music; a combination with the power to mesmerise anyone.


pop star
0 #5 pop star 2012-06-11 16:32
WOO video is next level, and the track is really good to!

i think tis is a 10/10 project!
+5 #4 hmm 2012-06-06 15:48
master saleems got one underrated voice.. hes sick
sagarSharma isA Twat
+3 #3 sagarSharma isA Twat 2012-06-03 14:23
great song
sagar sharma
-1 #2 sagar sharma 2012-06-03 06:58
Oops ssry i forgot to give salute to director of this video.... amazing video... totally diffrent....
sagar sharma
-1 #1 sagar sharma 2012-06-03 06:51
OMG what song.... salute to Master Saleem for his soulful vocal, salute to Dj H for incredible production and salute to Mr. Amrit Saab for amazing lyrics.... a 10/10 song....

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