Surinder Rattan ft. Joga Singh & Metz'N'Trix - Has Has (Full Video)

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Check out the full video 'Has Has' by Surinder Rattan featuring Joga Singh and Metz'N'Trix Out now via iTunes!

DJ SURINDER RATTAN first made his mark onto the British Asian music scene in 1999 with his debut album entitled “THE LICK” which included the massive anthem “TAPPE” which introduced METZ to the British Asian music scene and also featured the powerhouse vocals of HARBHAJAN TALWAR (XLNC), “TAPPE” was considered and is still considered as a game changer moment in the British Asian music scene. DJ SURINDER RATTAN created and pioneered a whole new genre of music “Desi Garage” (House Music fused with Punjabi Music). DJ SURINDER RATTAN then went on to bring the masses his mega EP “FROM THE MIND” which also featured another anthem entitled “KALA KALA MUNDA” featuring LABH JANJUA & CHESHIRE CAT.

DJ SURINDER RATTAN has been in the British Asian music scene for over 10 years now and has also produced massive hits for artists such as XLNC on their album “JUS CHILLIN”, ROACH KILLA on his album “REVOLUTION” and more recently the massive singles “DIL DE DE” by GARRY SANDHU & “OH GIRL” by ROACH KILLA.

Expect BIG things this year from DJ SURINDER RATTAN as his album promises to deliver some massive anthems which will be the follow up singles to “HAS HAS”.


0 #10 RE: Surinder Rattan ft. Joga Singh & Metz'N'Trix - Has Has (Full Video)Korrupter 2014-03-05 18:59
Joga needs to get his fake shades off thena again how else he gona perv on those gori's and they must have be buffled the fuk out of wat he sayin about us
0 #9 RE: Surinder Rattan ft. Joga Singh & Metz'N'Trix - Has Has (Full Video)Korrupter 2014-03-05 18:55
Wtf u lot chattin tatto on here metz n trix makin more sense then kanjar singh
Jixx Paal
0 #8 RE: Surinder Rattan ft. Joga Singh & Metz'N'Trix - Has Has (Full Video)Jixx Paal 2012-05-21 21:46
Really good song, but slightly ruined by those clowns Metz n Trix LOLZZZZ XD
+1 #7 WeeMan 2012-05-21 21:25
Seems no one got the point with LFMAO. I'm talking about the group LFMAO who made the song "Sexy and i know it". I compared the music and concept with LFMAO.
pop star
+4 #6 pop star 2012-05-21 13:19

Music: 10/10 defo sounds next level!
Video: 8/10 goes well with the track, and its semi clean.. at least its not got indian girls getting hammed.. and trowing thems self on the artist.

Vocal: 10/10 this vocal works perfect with this track

i bought my copy 79p well worth it!
+4 #5 Mat. 2012-05-13 13:26
The track with the clowns is jamming do a [censored] version just joga.
-1 #4 burhh 2012-05-13 03:30
ys everyone hatting for, the tracks jamming
0 #3 WeeMan 2012-05-12 22:58
Do i sense "[censored] LMFAO" but with a LOT fewer views?!
+3 #2 Realist 2012-05-12 21:50
Singh needs to atleast attempt to grow a better beard...and i agree metz and trix weren't needed
Sonia P
+4 #1 Sonia P 2012-05-12 21:18
Joga kills the track but did they need to use mars & twix!!

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