Bikram Singh - Nachengi (Full Video)

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"Nachengi" is yet another energy infused production by Bikram Singh and Tigerstyle for dancefloor and iPods alike. Taken from the hit album BIK.I.AM out on Soldier Sound Recordings and Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the full video now!


+1 #3 Goraji 2012-03-07 16:30
@popstar wt* are you talking about? I heard Bikram live several times, he can actually hit the notes, which is not the usual case when you look at all the crap coming out these days. Badly tuned instruments, stupid garage producers with no idea of what they are dealing with. One example is the completely smashed mastering on tasha tah's video - how the [censored] did that hap[censored]?

Bikram is the only guy presenting something new - sound- and songwise. We have heard all the uncle dou dou woop for ages. And wannabe popstar kids with no message. I'm sick of a music 'industry' (=no money - what industy?) that keeps complementing the western idea that asians can only copy other peoples style, instead of doing something on their own.

At least people like Bikram and Bandish projekt do something a bit different.
0 #2 OkOkOk 2012-02-17 14:38
The beat is great, the lyrics catchy and the vocals goes well. Bikram Singh is very natural in his singing, meaning, that he is not flat but very folkish in a way.

Unlike fools like Rana Sahota and his shit ass cousin H Dhami, this guy got something in his voice which makes him appealing.
pop star
+1 #1 pop star 2012-02-17 10:04
what a bag of cr*p the guy cant sing!

BUT the music dose sound good!

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