DJ Dips feat Arun Sidhu - Kuriye Gulaab (Full Video)

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Following on from his 2011 releases - 'Nachale Sanu Naal' featuring father and son duo - Nirmal and Nav Sidhu and smash-hits ‘Tohar’ and ‘Din Raat’ with Garry Sandhu, DJ Dips gets us ready for a party filled 2012 with the release of his new single ‘Kuriye Gulaab’.

Releasing on Thursday 19th January, ‘Kuriye Gulaab’ features the voice of newcomer Arun Sidhu. Having worked with an array of established artists in the past, Dips decided to help launch the career of this budding singer. Dips’ beats and melodies combined with Arun’s desi vocals make this a great party track.

DJ Dips has been in the Bhangra industry for quite a few years now and with songs such as ‘Nagin’, ‘Gerra De De’ and ‘This DJ’ he has managed to create his own unique musical style. Mixing traditional instrumentation and arrangements with a slight urban touch, DJ Dips’ sound is now well recognised and distinguishable. Dips is planning on keeping us entertained with a lot more music and gigs planned for the year ahead.

‘Kuriye Gulaab’ by DJ Dips featuring Arun Sidhu is out on iTunes and other digital stores on Thursday 19th January via 4Play Recordings.


-3 #3 0000 2012-01-18 19:21
same sounding music from someone who doesnt have a clue about production simply gets ghost produced whilst dj dips enjoys his burger. Lol
0 #2 ravinder123 2012-01-18 18:37
Quoting china jatt:
sounds nearly the same as the other song dj dj dips did with gary sandhu tohar hahaha

Dare i say, dj dips tracks are underproduced to the core
china jatt
+2 #1 china jatt 2012-01-18 12:34
sounds nearly the same as the other song dj dj dips did with gary sandhu tohar hahaha

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