Binnie Marwa Ft Dippa Satrang - Ek Ni Hazzara Dil (Full Video)

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Watch the Full Video to the track "Ek Ni Hazzara Dil" by Binnie Marwa, the first original solo Bhangra and R&N project featuring the Dynamic voice of Dippa Satrang.


Common Sense
0 #8 Common Sense 2012-04-16 11:11

Can't you see where it asays in the title "Ft Dippa Satrang"

That means featuring Dippa Satrang. Fair enough you have your opinion on Binnie Marwa but at least realise he's a PRODUCER and simply bought the vocal to release as his debut.

+ he's 18.
Ho Ho Ho!!
-1 #7 Ho Ho Ho!! 2011-12-15 22:44
that girl is sex pataka

mr realist
+2 #6 mr realist 2011-12-15 12:07
Complete twat...miming along and the real vocalist gets 5 seconds in the whole video
+2 #5 jattboota 2011-12-08 23:37
cut him some one makes an amazing debut single

manni sandhu made a hit single bro. this is ok wont be a hit, yeah hes young, hes got time to improve. Good luck to him
wheres thelove
+3 #4 wheres thelove 2011-12-08 21:38
man this kid is 18 and is a genuine producer/musician

cut him some one makes an amazing debut single

its a 6/10 single but his got potential so support him, new breed of uk bhangra coming thru; manni sandhu, d-sarb, tminder, binnie marwa etc
Doubt to stranger
+4 #3 Doubt to stranger 2011-12-08 16:09
Thats exactly the reason why the UK industry is suffering, because it's running and totally relies on support from family, friends and contacts.

The video and music is alright. Nothing new or bad, so won't criticize it but your actions just shows why we still have Rana Sahota, Samar Sidhu, G Deep, Hardee etc. in the industry!
0 #2 stranger 2011-12-08 13:41
Wat the fuk at least give the boi a fukin chance. My mans jus hatin on him for no reason . Listen carry on hating cah wheres dat guna get u in life. Guna Carry on supportin ma boi Binnie Well done......
Pop star
+4 #1 Pop star 2011-12-08 08:06
Video is good nice and clean.
But I would of thought they would of shown the vocalist more! And to say they are already plugging his booking number?? Don't get that! He not a singer, his production not exactly wow, and he not a Dj! What are this guys services... '' how to ride a bike with your legs on the handle bars"

Music: very standard! Nothing really out side the box, and if ppl say it's ment to be traditional... Well do it good then!! Like Shinda!

Image.. A bit flimbsy.

Overall as a producer / mimer / bike rider he flopped it

Music- standard :zzz 2/10

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