Benny Dhaliwal ft. Roach Killa - Kuri Haan Di (Full Video)

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Watch the Full Video coming off Benny Dhaliwals upcoming album titled 'VA VAI VA' the 1st single titled, 'Kuri Mere Haan Di'. The single is out now, followed by the full album out 25th November.

‘Kuri Mere Haan Di’, the first track due for release, features Roach Killa who brings a smooth vibe to the track, whilst ‘Remember Me’ is one to honour those loved ones who are no longer amongst us. The multi-talented Benny Dhaliwal has also dedicated a track on the album to a sport he played professionally, competing across the world, so keep your ears peeled for this surprise element!!!

Kuri Mere Haan Di - Single - Benny Dhaliwal


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+3 #1 pop star 2011-11-07 12:15
Mr Benny: the guy is not the best singer but can sing.

but the video looks good and the music is good.

good luck to him!

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