Gurinder Seagal - Akh Soniye (Full Video)

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Watch the full video for the Brand New Single By Gurinder Seagal titled 'Akh Soniye'. It is written By Tari Banwalipuria, Director, Cameraman & Editor: Farid Sadiqi And Produced By Bally Gill. Beautiful, well written and highly Romantic Punjabi Song. Teaser Intro by KaznHami The single is out now to purchase via iTunes.


+6 #13 Weird 2011-11-09 13:58
Thumbs up if you wan't to see me and my team to create a youtube channel, with funny sketch shows, dissing and imitating the poor sad scene of UK.

Focus point will be:

1. Bad singing

2. No talent

3. Using contacts to enter industry

4. No quality standard

5. Using auto tune

Among many more!! Show your support!
Weird to Jabr Singh
+5 #12 Weird to Jabr Singh 2011-11-09 13:56
Be careful with what you wish for.

Gurinder Seagal, Rana Sohota and Manj Banwait might not understand your sarcasm. Wonder why? Because they will defend it with "you are behind the screen and they on the scene!".

But let them compete in a real singing competition and then they will realize that their parents, good friends in industry and good contacts won't save their sorry non-singing-asses.

A monster duet would however be Manj Banwait, Hardee, Rana Sahota, Kamal Raja, Naaz Kally, Thug Pun, Tank, Samar Sidhu, G. (suck) Deep, RV Narang and almost every bathroom singer idiots who uses auto tune because they can't sing.
Jabr Singh
+3 #11 Jabr Singh 2011-11-08 21:26
May be he should collaborate wiv Manj Banwait and Rana sahota..

It will truly be a spectacle
Jixx Paal
-2 #10 Jixx Paal 2011-11-08 19:03
Nice track still...
-3 #9 DelBoy 2011-11-08 02:14
this guy is doing straight up bezti...for my hometown London City in the video...LOL
TheRater 2 Sam prod
+1 #8 TheRater 2 Sam prod 2011-11-02 16:34
At least my family and friends are not giving me confidence based on a lie. Rather that than being lead behind [censored]ness!

In the end the truth always wins. I feel sad for those who support untalented work and untalented singers, just look at the sad poor scene of UK.
Sam prod
+1 #7 Sam prod 2011-11-01 19:06
@TheRat-er yoo at least hiz got frnds & fmly.. You wast of space..
One word fr u!! Loooooossssssee eerrrrr.. Hahaha.
-2 #6 TheRater 2011-11-01 12:41
Sam and Amir786 are from Gurinder Seagals family or his friends.
Sam prod
-5 #5 Sam prod 2011-10-30 20:15
Let me ansa @pop star.
Video 10/10 coz its diffrnt
Prodc 10/10 coz I luv it
Vocals 10/10 coz I luv it
Gurinder can't wait fr ur new trck
-2 #4 Amir768 2011-10-30 20:05
Hahaha all [censored]heads can do is watch his videos again and again.
Feel sham and then chat shit..
G bro your stuff if sick.. Egnore these [censored]s..
+4 #3 Sandsk 2011-10-27 17:03
Wat a pile of shittt!!
+1 #2 Singh5888 2011-10-27 14:10

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