DJ Rags feat. Manjit Sodhi - Moda Maar Ke (Full Video)

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Watch the Full Video by Dj Rags featuring Manjit Sodhi on the single 'Moda Maar Ke' the follow up single to the smash hit Dupatta.


-1 #4 Amrits4nv 2011-09-22 20:48
Nice one mate.... fresh keep it up.
+5 #3 Rajj 2011-09-12 13:11
Rags you need a new get-up. Buy some new clothes and stop waving your [censored]ing hands around. What could that girl possibly see in you, your fat, bold and i dont think she'd want to see you with your top off. Shit tune
pop star
+7 #2 pop star 2011-09-09 14:59
good vocal: but not really suited to this track!

dosn't really shine out.

As for the new craze of high pitch singers i have to give it to:

** SAINI SURINDER ** that track bhangra, is the wow factor and defo stands out!

if your gonna launch a new singer you gotta come with a big bang!

as for this track its nice and i have bought it, but its not a track to put on repeat.

+1 #1 AJX619 2011-09-07 08:58
Nice n fresh voice :lol:

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