PBN ft Balwinder Bhatti & Gurlej Akhtar - Fitteh Moo (Video)

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Watch the new video by PBN for the single 'Fitteh Moo' feat the vocals of Balwinder Bhatti & Gurlej Akhtar! The single is out now on iTunes worldwide!


+9 #21 JazChahal 2011-07-31 20:16
Tuneeee :D ...
No1 in the 'The Official Asian Download Chart' .. Soo eventhough theres bare haters commenting on here saying they dont like it.. theres nuff people who do :D
+1 #20 Rajj 2011-07-29 13:44
Not a club banger like i was expecting unlike his previous 1st single realeases but overall a good track
+2 #19 bruah 2011-07-25 12:32
keep it up PBN u are superb nice album and song
-2 #18 RE: PBN ft Balwinder Bhatti & Gurlej Akhtar - Fitteh Moo (Video)PBN 2011-07-24 14:47
I like my song....stop picking on me :(
-3 #17 ballygg 2011-07-23 14:00
Hopefully PBN learns from all this and brings out some good stuff like he used to, this is just a joke of song with old men v young girls!
-5 #16 Bikarumba 2011-07-18 21:17
Omg! Phad by nature STOP BEINGING THIS WACK OUT- ur killing Bhangra. Hook up with minj banwait and he can sing ' Bhangra gone die' then u can show ur gay claps in the video and dance around like a turd----- aaaaah! U used to be good but this is 1st class s klass Tati! Fiteh moo Teri!
Jharni Singh Digpal
-1 #15 Jharni Singh Digpal 2011-07-18 20:54

As a mutual
0 #14 As a mutual 2011-07-18 13:46
Look whatever is goin on is too much. Firstly pbn stop singing, secondly video wasn't too bad but the guy couldn't sing very well. Thirdly pbn does/ has hyped his own stuff too much, everyone heard how he got caught buying his own tracks from I tunes!!!! Not to mention he gives himself big ups on here N YouTube! Pbn isn't that bad but he is irritating as he does dumb stuff like sing etc basically he should go away and reasess his situation, then return with a better idea and singer to get him the respect. Jaan panjabi was his best song and I'm sure he can get back to that level with hard work- not singing tho!!!!
Pbn brother please take the advice and don't keep writting comments about yourself. Goodluck
+1 #13 xx 2011-07-17 15:01
i dont get why all of you lot are dissiong his music. im sure pbn is better than all the peeps dissin put together. ranjeeta kaur i havnt seen your music on brit asia get. i havnt seen you get number ones on the chart.
PBN sonng is amazing love you album :D
Taz Rrizzo
+5 #12 Taz Rrizzo 2011-07-17 14:06
Same old stuff. Same old shite. Same beats. Same video. Same people in the videos. Same........... ..
-1 #11 bandra 2011-07-16 13:32
[quote name="KulifiMan "] Well PBN ohh sorry Kulifman, your stuff is the same old now, time you took a break. If PBN has the b***s let people comment on his video and get the real deal of what people think. Sell 100 singles makes you chart everyone knows that, so how many accounts do you have lol
ranjeeta kaur
-4 #10 ranjeeta kaur 2011-07-16 13:28
Quoting KulifiMan:

Also, for the comment that talks about the age of girls vs the guys, yes they seem young, but its amazing what anti wrinkle cream can do these days.

Saddooo pervert how can yu write stuff like this!

Its boring and its all the same old stuff, JK ruling now and than the King Jazzy coming soon :)

PBN is boring now ... and fact he bulked bought last time bet he did now

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