Jassi Sidhu - Oh Jatta (Full Video)

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Watch the video for 'Oh Jatta’ the brand new single by Jassi Sidhu! The song comes from his new album 'Singing Between The Lines' - Which topped the iTunes Album charts on pre-orders alone!

The album features production from Aman Hayer, Rishi Rich, Honey Singh, PBN & more.


Heike punkt
0 #3 Heike punkt 2011-07-30 21:48
...what a luck the tastes are different...but the sounds of this number are very familar - location a part swades...great. ..!!!
+1 #2 rajawilck 2011-06-19 13:24
the track sounds good :)
Pop star
+1 #1 Pop star 2011-06-11 20:06
Track is alright!! Video is ok too!

Mmmm jatt- there is always a hoooo haaaa about cast!!! And how they should be all band etc etc...

But I've noticed jaz Dhami done one, jassi sidu, and baljeet malwal, and they have all smashed it!

Is this a return off jattism?? Lol

But either way the track is ok


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