Sanj - Bas Kar & Challan Pakhiyan Medley (Full Video)

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'Bas Kar' & 'Challan Pakhiyan' come off the brand remix album by Sanj titled Rewind! The album features old classics from the Roma Music Bank. The video features Sardara Gill & Balwinder Safri.


0 #4 sunnyb2354564 2011-05-23 08:43
DJ Sanj is one hell of a talented producer. I think the comments about Aman Hayer are frankly true, everything he releases sounds dated with the same instruments and taking 0 risk. Shinda's stuff sounds the same as well.

These producers should help each other out and have Jazzy B working with Sanj, or Angrez Ali and Sanj, and what ever other combination that may be interesting to hear. I like how Sanj does his own stuff and how it always sounds fresh.

9/10 these tracks are. 10/10 for consistency and freshness.
0 #3 SanjDDDDDD 2011-05-19 18:59
Duhhh his album is remix album so he aint going to get a new tune and remix it. 2 old men??? R you madd?? Sardara Gill and Balwinder Safri...Bad man singer dont get it twisted.
Bhangra singh
-2 #2 Bhangra singh 2011-05-19 18:36
Im a big fan of sanj but have to say these 2 songs im sure he cudda found 2 other singers he usually works wonders with singers that hardly any other bhangra producers use, sardara n safri back in the day were awesome but now there not so good.
Stil hope rewind album is good
pop star
-5 #1 pop star 2011-05-19 16:47
DJ SANJ no props for this guy, when he dissed Aman Hayer!

mind your own bussiness and let your music do the talking! thats even if you do it!

vocals: come on man... go and buy some more lyrics! sound really good back in the days but now... just old men trying hold on, kinna sad! 0/10

2 old men and one blind producer in the club with some birds. 0/10

Music: Realy good 6/10

Overall: 3/10

Sanj plonka but got some good beats. :)

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