Foji - Pumbeeri (Full Video)

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Foji releases the video for his latest single "Pumbeeri." Watch the Full Video Here!

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Continue to follow Foji's versatile video concepts, with the retro 80's cult classic 'Dafa Hoja' and the youthful and vibrant 'Bruah', he is now ready to back this single with another unique, trendsetting record breaking video!

The video was filmed in the heart of Birmingham City Centre, using an unbelievable 12 official cameras, making this one of the biggest video shoots in Bhangra history!

The new video was expertly shot in one take, with the mammoth task of coordinating over 200 participants to dance in sync. The dance routine was released on Youtube prior to the video shoot and was open to all races, ages, sexes, professionals as well as have-a-go dancers.

With over 200 dancers taking part on the day we understand that this is another first for the Asian music videos! Pumbeeri is now available on iTunes and all good digital download outlets.

"I would like to thank each and everyone who was involved with this ground breaking video, without you guys I would have looked silly dancing by myself. Thank you!" - Foji

Pumbeeri - Single - Foji (UK) Pumbeeri - Single - Foji (USA) Pumbeeri - Single - Foji (CANADA)



+2 #18 reshamsingh 2011-04-08 14:06
if you think that the lyrics are good guess what... foji writes his own songs and produces his songs also!! guess that means he is not a flop.Quoting Tony85:
foji is maxium s**t he gets these video concepts that make his tracks hits. TBH the guy cant even sing, Dafa Hoja was a hit cause of pooja n the catchy lyrics......guys a hardcore flop...
-2 #17 RE: Foji - Pumbeeri (Full Video)Tony85 2011-04-01 14:39
foji is maxium s**t he gets these video concepts that make his tracks hits. TBH the guy cant even sing, Dafa Hoja was a hit cause of pooja n the catchy lyrics......guy s a hardcore flop...
Bubbles UK
+1 #16 Bubbles UK 2011-03-30 11:14
Fantastic video....and great up beat song :lol: xx
0 #15 simz 2011-03-28 02:38
lol @ Sunny in yer face!! dude i like ur sarcasm.. everyones titled to their opinion, i dont like the video personally but damn some people go too far with criticisms. theyre so many haters. this category has 2 different types of people. ie. those who actually are very small minded people who cant cope with the ever changing spectrums in life; then there are those who are just plain jealous, who hate people for their talent/craft be it singing, dancing or acting.jheez give people a break .you only hate people when u want o be them!! u call them ugly because you wish you were them, but you cant be unfortunately. ths goes out to all those haters out there who sit infront of the telly and hate people coz youre worthless dogs shit
sunny in yr face
+8 #14 sunny in yr face 2011-03-27 13:54
Dear Mr FACT (but not quite factual enough to leave your name.)
Re: comments in your last post

- "rubbish ideas" See other comments, chart position, and even other artists are saying the video's wicked, and the reaction of the crowd - it's putting bhangra out there, enhancing reputation. But I guess you're entitled to your opinion
- "why would stupid people want to do this video" You would be the perfect person to answer that
- "girls in music videos say oh no no i dont want to do it": So you're saying they're threatened and physically forced to do it against their will? Yeah right
- "Foji your trying to hard to keep on top" So he should try hard to get to the bottom instead?? (Maybe YOU should write some lyrics for him, that would guarantee a dive down the charts)
"people dont buy bhangra" The bhangra tracks in the download chart, I guess they were bought by ... animals? Toys that come alive at night? Or alien life from outer space maybe? (cont..)
Sunny in yer face
+10 #13 Sunny in yer face 2011-03-27 13:36
Respone to FACT: (...cont...)

-"girls you lot told your mums and dads your at work" Some of their parents were there actually, some were parents themselves. The video was done on a Saturday, a lot of the dancers probably work or study Mon-Fri. Not Sundays, Saturdays, Christmas Day and every other waking hour (maybe like you do in your dad's shop, so you can only get onto the internet at half past midnight to leave the useful feedback like you did on Thursday night).
"if this was one of my girls id shoot her in the f**kin head" Hmmm, I worry for her. All I can say is "Rabb tinoo mundaa deveh". (I see now why you've left a fake name - pre-meditated murder with intent probably carries a custodial sentence. And who would stand behind the shop counter weighing the sabjis and put them in the carrier bags then? My advice would be, put your finkin' head on.)
Sunny in yer face
+10 #12 Sunny in yer face 2011-03-27 13:34

- Final thing FACT. Learn to spell:
'out dated' is one word, not two.
'alot' is two words, not one.
'ect' is 'etc'.
'trying to hard' should be 'trying TOO hard'.
'track suite' ? Is that like a sofa and reclining armchair at Silverstone? Oh, you mean tracksuit!
'irritating' - you got that one right, well done you! Now let's try 'agreed' (I think we're getting somewhere now).
'a greed' - (Oh. Maybe not then.)
'Your at work' should be 'you're at work', see the apostrophe? Don't worry about the reasons, just remember the rules.

Same time next week?
-8 #11 RE: Foji - Pumbeeri (Full Video)FACT 2011-03-25 00:31
this guy Foji is well out dated with rubbish ideas. the above message he should dance video's this point is a greed as his singing is shit as can be heard. why would stupid people want to do this video beats me. alot of girls in music videos say oh no no i dont want to do it ect... now you can see few in this video going around like ass holes and been in the video. Foji your trying to hard to keep on top. that guy in the blue track suite need to be shot how stupid and irritating one guy get!!!!

load of shit no wonder people dont buy bhangra... As for all the Birmingham girls you lot told your mums and dads your at work but now seen dancing like hoes....... Good Indian culture hey as if this was one of my girls id shoot her in the f**kin head. i am bloody surprised shitty G Mall wasn't in the town with his stupid smile and jumping around like a monkey with his circus dhol tricks wow what a combination they both got as cheap nasty fake ass artists..Disgra ce lmao!!!!
-4 #10 kyra 2011-03-24 01:16
storm 123, i think the video is a cliche of the ad, secondly i dont think people would actually go through the hasse of finding 'the worlds biggest bhangra dance'. lol sorry but id rather expand my knowledge n other fabulous things out there than a silly video. thankyou!!
+3 #9 storm123 2011-03-23 20:34
Absolutely love this.
So refreshing to see a video like this.
I think the same company made the Sarpanch video - loving their style.
As for the person saying its a copy of the T-mobile advert - yes it is. At the same time then you should also go comment on every other video on this site and say its a copy of one another.
BTW just checked the Guinness world records site and no record exists for largest bhangra dance - Foji and his team should apply for the record.
harbans fuddu
-3 #8 harbans fuddu 2011-03-23 15:00
what a fuddu track.. i dont know what people listen to these days
+5 #7 kyra 2011-03-22 14:19
the video is nice dont get me wrong but its a copy of the t mobile commercial. its also a whole repetition of the sammmmeeeeee dance moves

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