Sukshinder Shinda - La La-La (Video)

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Coming off Sukshinder Shinda's recently released album, 'Jadoo' which is out now 'Worldwide'.



Track Listing

1-  La La La
2-  Samne
3-  Jadoo
4-  Maujan
5-  Mere Dil Teh
6-  Mere Munde Nu
7-  Jatt London
8-  Akh Labdi
9-  Bas Kar Bas Kar
10- Address
11- Sons Of Punjab

Enjoy the full Video!

Jadoo - Sukshinder Shinda (UK)

Jadoo - Sukshinder Shinda (USA)

Jadoo - Sukshinder Shinda (CANADA)



0 #9 haleemax 2010-12-09 22:12
sik song maaan
+4 #8 AP 2010-12-09 08:27
who the f says hes fake he is the best and most original punjabi producer we hav.extremely trained and the best dholi, tablaman,harmon ium player,composer and producer out there.hes like the timbaland of bhangra industry.each and every album he produces is destined to be a hit.there wil never be a tigerstyle and sukshinder shinda again.he has birth to jazzy b, meshi,amrinder gill, manjit pappu etc and brought kuldip manak to uk.people shud watch what there saying
0 #7 SxeBrwnMan 2010-12-08 04:39
Quoting aps:
this guy is so fukin fake

LMAO! I hope your being sarcastic dude. This guy is probably the most genuine artist in the industry. He composes & plays his own instruments how the hell is he fake? In one word this man is a legend. Continue listening to PBN once you grow up maybe then you can listen to a class act like Sukshinder Shinda (mainly his much older stuff!)

As for the album IMHO it is a grower wasn't really feeling it at first but man La La La, Samne, Jadoo, Bas Kar are sick tracks.

As for the La La La track it is just a melody not to take to seriously. He wanted to make a hook line which even a 5 or 90 year old could say. The thing I do like about this is the glimpse of old school Shinda with his fast pace Punjabi rapping like his track Dil from Phases.

I personally wish he went back to his old school roots but as you can tell seems like the listening audience is not ready for it. People rather listen to water down bhangra like PBN, DJs, etc.
-6 #6 aps 2010-12-08 03:25
this guy is so fukin fake
+4 #5 0000 2010-12-08 00:35
Amazing track with great production
Sunny b
-4 #4 Sunny b 2010-12-07 20:07
Song is crap, really what the hell is lalala?? Sounds more like a nursery rhyme
+5 #3 BainzyC 2010-11-29 18:18
Can't get this song out of my head! its too catchy! Well done to shinda for trying something different
saurabh boparai
+2 #2 saurabh boparai 2010-11-29 10:20
gr tracks super hit all the way
reena Ç
+1 #1 reena Ç 2010-11-28 22:41
Heard the track on BBC and its different for sure.

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