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Bob Mann - The Evolution Remix (Full Video)



Bob Mann of Vancouver is stepping back into the scene after a 4 year absence.  His latest single, "Lummi - The Evolution Remix" is an electrifying upbeat track that will get people moving on the dancefloors.

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The original version of "Lummi" is on Bob Mann's previous album "Illicit Substance" (available on iTunes - links below).  The official music video for the remix version has also been shot , enjoy the full video!

"Lummi - The Evolution Remix" is available as a free download exclusively from NOW.

{audio}media/Music/Oct10/Lummi.mp3{/audio} - Listen Here

? The full video for Lummi ? The Evolution Remix is complete and ready to air! Bob Mann strides around the beautiful city of Vancouver on a bright sunny day, turning heads as he performs to random pedestrians for the sake of his love for music. This well performed yet comedic music video will be talked about for years to come.

The remix version of Lummi is a club?banging update to the previously released desi version, which was released on Bob Mann’s previous album, Illicit Substance. Lummi ? The Evolution Remix is now available for download on iTunes and other respectable digital download sites.

Bob Mann is a Vancouver based bhangra singer/producer/songwriter who has gone through many stages in his music career. After launching his solo singing and production career in 2006 with the release of Illicit Substance, and exploring the musical scene, Bob has put his focus on his career as a bhangra artist. Not the type to conform to what is happening in the industry at the moment, Bob Mann brings a unique West?Coast twist to the bhangra industry. He knows that he represents the Canadian born generation and is making it a priority to succeed at being one of the biggest artists to come out of Canada and is musically driven to prove that.

Jag S. Budwal (Renegade Films) is a Toronto based Film Maker. At the age of 22, he has majored in Film Editing (Both Avid & Final Cut Pro) at Toronto Film School, & Completed Film Production at Vancouver Film School. This being his second, he first directed a music video for none other then Blitzkrieg Feat. Roach Killa & Parichay (Produced by Tigerstyle) – Jadoo at the age of 19. You can say this is the TRIUMPHANT return for both Bob & Jag.

The entire music video was shot at true High Definition 1080P & 720P (For Slow Motion Purposes). The intro/outro audio was digitally mastered & Foley was done by Bob Mann himself. Not only will this video look tremendous on television, the web, mobiles & any source of media around the world, it will sound just as breathtaking!

Illicit (USA) Illicit (UK) Illicit (CANADA)