Gippy Grewal ft. Roach Killa - Huthiyar (Video)

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Check out the Gippy Grewal's second video titled 'Huthiyar' ft Roach Killa.  It comes off the brand new album by Gippy Grewal titled 'Desi Rockstar' which is out now; with music from Aman Hayer!

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The video: Director/Editor/DOP/Colourist: Baljit Singh Deo / Lyrics : Satti Samra (Loha Khera)



01. Flower
02. Huthiyar Feat: Roach Killa
03. Desi jatt
04. Daang
05. Lok tath
06. Qattul (Western)
07. Ne Sohniye Feat G. Money
08. Dhol
09. Bottlan
10. Qattul (Desi)


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Mcspecial (USA)

Mcspecial (CANADA)




+5 #3 SxeBrwnMan 2010-11-12 16:26
This is one of the best videos I have viewed in a pretty long time. Gippy Grewal's acting might be just a bit over exaggerated but surprisingly he does a decent job. Really nice idea for a video and well executed in my opinion. As for the track it pretty good even though Gippy's vocals are above average at best. Aman Hayer for the amount of heat he gets for "sounding the same" did a fantastic job on this album. I personally loved [censored] Jatt (minus the lame rapping by G-Money) and Lok Tath which was a really nice meaningful track. I think this was a good purchase and suggest others to buy it! you won,t be disappointing I wasn't. God I just sounded like a lame spokesperson :D
-1 #2 mtl_Jatt 2010-11-02 03:16
what the hell is wrong with roach killaa, ahahah you see his swag! his hair ahahah what a loser!
+1 #1 ragga. 2010-10-31 18:47
what a video, love the idea the quality of the video is 100% classic thankx

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