G-Deep & Mobb Deep - Nain Sharabi aka Mesmerizing Eyes (Video)

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Mobb Deep and Senagy Music Group in conjunction with G-Deep Music Team are proud to present the Music Video release of their brand new International collaboration: Nain Sharabi aka Mesmerizing Eyes. Nain Sharabi features rap verses by the legendary hip hop artist Havoc of Mobb Deep along with punjabi verses and hook sung by Indian-American Rising Star G-Deep.

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The music is produced by Senjay Luckey; the catchy beat featured in Nain Sharabi entices people to dance in rapture. The beautiful music video was directed by Hemant Tavathia and was shot at NJ nightlife hot spot Fire n Ice Hookah Lounge. The video features the gorgeous dancers from NJ Devil’s Ice Hockey Team. The girls certainly brought a lot of grace and elegance to the music video.

After the huge success of Jay-Z /Punjabi MC collaboration, Slum Dog Millionaire, and desi music in general being used in American media and films; This song: Nain Sharabi is the next hottest International collaboration to go down in history.  This collaboration between the infamous Mobb Deep and G-Deep is a huge stepping stone for G-Deep along with the entire South Asian Music scene. For G-Deep, being able to collaborate with a huge artist who has made such an impact in the American Hip Hop scene since day one has been a great honor. G-Deep and Havoc are both very excited to release this song to everyone and they hope that the fans will support and promote it the max.  

So, check out Nain Sharabi aka Mesmerizing Eyes, a perfect blend of eastern and western cultures that unites music lovers from all across the globe. G-Deep’s new album O’Billo is set to release in November 2010; fans can pre-order a copy of the album by going to

G Deep & Mobb Deep - Nain Sharabi (Free Download)



-1 #8 hapeejatt 2010-11-29 00:27
wow lol....the 4-5th message board you left as hating on an artist...gonija tt, im sorry that your mom is not giving you enough attention...its okay putt, take your anger out on would probably piss yourself up ur arse if you saw mobb deep or any artist your pulling jealousy on come right to i can't get over how stupid you are
0 #7 gonijatt23 2010-11-28 21:29
Nira fudu!!!!
good tune
0 #6 good tune 2010-11-10 01:48
Track is good.. although he's just repeating the same lines over and over... still pretty catchy
Ironman aka SinghisK
-2 #5 Ironman aka SinghisK 2010-10-29 09:50
Rohin and Babla er both from G. Deeps crew LOL!!

Pity pity pity and digusting hahahaha. Tell your besureela leader that he needs to get some lesson.

Fools who can't sing will always can a truthfull person a hater to comfort themself LOL!!!
+1 #4 Rohin 2010-10-27 04:04
Good track. Ironman is a clear hater. Keep up the good work guys..ironman listen to miss pooja thats for your ass
+2 #3 Babla 2010-10-26 17:49
Wicked tune. He is def not besuralla.
Ironman aka SinghisK
-2 #2 Ironman aka SinghisK 2010-10-25 09:59
""I have a dream that one day, once more, people will begin to learn singing again and respect the singing culture. I have a dream… "
Ironman aka SinghisK
-1 #1 Ironman aka SinghisK 2010-10-25 09:58
Havoc really made a wrong move, after this his career is OVER!

Wonder how much he got to feature on this dumb besureelas track. G. Deeps vocals are litteraly DIGUSTING and heavily BESUREELEY!!!!! Not a single tune in his voice.

SHAME ON YOU G. DEEP!!! He is like a leader for besureeley people and giving them hope that says "Yes besureeley people, we are indeed taking over the industry. It is no more required to learn singing, just release an album and get your business started."


This reminds me of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The problem with besureeley people is so serious that if Martin still was alive he would say:

""I have a dream that one day, once more, will begin to learn singing agian and respect the singing culture. I have a dream....... "

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