Mehsopuria - Fearless (Video)

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With two smash hits albums under his belt and a string of hit singles, the International Punjabi pop sensation Mehsopuria is back with his latest video ‘Fearless’ from his album Fearless, on Moviebox UK & Universal Music India.


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With an album titled ‘Fearless’, and the artist dubbed ‘The Rockstar of Bhangra’ by music giants Universal & Moviebox UK, there is sure to be something unique about this project. After the awesome response worldwide for the opening track ‘Londono Mein Aeya’, the second single ‘Fearless’ from the album is set to become the talk of Punjabi music. It’s the first time British born and raised Punjabi music artist Mehsopuria has written and sung about racism, and is sure to be a topic that interests all Punjabi music lovers.

The music video for the title track was filmed in the West Midlands, and has an urban vibe with a touch of traditional Punjabi culture to it. Music fans will be treated to a new look from Mehso in this video, which sees the issue of past Racism experiences by Indians during the 50’s-80’s being brought to the fore-front of Mehso’s lyrics. The depth to the lyrics and the powerful vocal delivery, as well as the traditional music energy from popular Bhangra music producer Kam Frantic, all add weight to the message of this sure to be Punjabi music anthem for the Indian youth worldwide.

On the subject of the song and music video, Mehsopuria says “This was a subject which I felt hadn’t been touched on, and can sometimes be brushed under the carpet, so to speak. The response for the track has been fantastic from fans in India and UK, and I believe the music video will bring the vision to life in some way. I did not want the music video or song to provoke any violent retaliation reaction from young Punjabi’s, it should be thought provoking to find a positive from those negative times. It’s purely writing about the truth and what our fellow Indian’s, our respective grand-parents and in some cases parents had experienced during those tough and testing times when they migrated to the UK for a better life for us during the 50’s-80’s”

“It’s one of the few tracks you’ll ever here which has substance and a depth to the lyrics, which stand for the truth. We should learn from those experiences and ensure we never become like those who racially discriminated against us, learning to embrace and show love for all races is our duty as humans. One love is the message from me always” Says Mehsopuria

“I remain Fearless, knowing my fears are conquered by my faith in God. Knowing my weaknesses are covered by the strength his words give me” Quotes Mehsopuria

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