PBN - Kaun Nachdi (Video)

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Hit making producer, PBN gets behind the mic again, check out the full video to Kaun Nachdi!

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Last year we heard PBN make his singing debut and lend his vocals to the track 'Sohni Lagdi' which also featured Apache Indian. Taken from the album 'Homegrown' the track was really well received by both the industry and music fans.

The fantastic reaction to his voice and the track cemented the idea in PBN's mind to follow it up with another track for the album 'Crowd Pleaser'.

"Last year I released a song on 'Homegrown' titled 'Sohni Lagdi'. It not only featured Apache Indian but was also my vocal debut. We received a great response and this encouraged me to step into the vocal booth once more. 'Kaun Nachdi' is more up tempo and a lot more geared for the Dance floor. I have been performing the new song at recent events and it seems to be going down well with all audiences. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the song and the visuals to go with it." PBN.

Accompanying the song, PBN has shot another video. The third video from the album is hitting screens this week.

PBN also goes for a new look in the video too. Recently signed up to be the face of Julian Trivedi clothing line, a bespoke mens designer specialist, PBN can be seen in two of his pieces in the 'Kaun Nachdi' video. A black distinguished modern blazer with tie and for the first time in his videos he can be seen wearing traditional Indian attire and dons a red silk shervani.

'Kaun Nachdi' follows the release of chart toppers 'Kaun Nee Jaandah' featuring The Dhol Foundation and 'Gereh Kad Dee' featuring H-Dhami from the album 'Crowd Pleaser'.

The track is available to download as a single via iTunes and is in stores on the album 'Crowd Pleaser' now.



ashleigh kaur
+1 #24 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-18 10:37
Quoting Punjab da munda:
Ok lets get one thing straight, vocals are basic, he is on same level as h dhami juggy d etc. Pronounciations are very bad in some places, but still catchy song, good music, 5/10.

nah seriously he is on da sme level as h-dhami to be quite honest n his vocals mash up the stage every time soo...
ashleigh kaur
+1 #23 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-18 10:35
Quoting satnam Kullar:
So many haters on these boards lol.

PBN has had another smash album this year. Fact.

yehh lol true he is totaly pegg
ashleigh kaur
0 #22 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-18 10:34
seriously love pbn have done since i was lil lol.
i spoke to him last year on the phone it was reali shoking to get a phone call back by pbn himself, i rang his production line for my radio show and no one picked up and he rang me back and i was like omg no way n he was like yehh lol he culd tell i was shocked he is sooo sweet. ;)
n dis song is sik m listnin to it now kaun nachdi
soni kaun nachdi
sachi mere
sachi mere
y is der so many hatters pbn is the main man along wid h-dhami they both mash up the stage, well luk for u hatters he won best album at the asian music awards so wtt does tht say huh?
well at least he is doin betta thn the haters lol.
love u pbn u hve amazin vocals lol and u is sooo damm fine.:)
satnam Kullar
+2 #21 satnam Kullar 2010-11-29 14:33
So many haters on these boards lol.

PBN has had another smash album this year. Fact.
mangater paki
-1 #20 mangater paki 2010-11-29 14:06
Quoting Panjaban Jatti:
PBN IS DEFINITELY THE HITMAKER!!!!!!!! Luvin the new album..defo a big hit....keep it up Hepz...

yu kadi pujaban jai tenu sunna ni aunda shit i hate his face sharabi
Panjabi Jatt
-6 #19 Panjabi Jatt 2010-09-27 23:07
Shit video Shit singer you cant sing or produce music try something else.....

Suki Chand produced Homegrown & Dhola Vajda, Malkit track even H S Talwar's.....

PBN What instrument do u actually play or are you just a lil rich boy?????
Jessica Trivedi
+2 #18 Jessica Trivedi 2010-09-24 15:30
PBN's Suit's sponsored by Julien Trivedi? Bespoke Fashion. visit facebook julien trivedi bespoke fashion or
Panjaban Jatti
+4 #17 Panjaban Jatti 2010-09-19 19:06
PBN IS DEFINITELY THE HITMAKER!!!!!!! ! Luvin the new album..defo a big hit....keep it up Hepz...
+1 #16 Zaraa 2010-09-17 03:32
it can be downloaded from iTunes. Here is the link if you want it
Bhangra Listner
0 #15 Bhangra Listner 2010-09-16 17:19
Where can this song be downloaded from?
+1 #14 Zaraa 2010-09-16 13:53
I love this song and love the video aswell. Nice work x
-1 #13 immeinit 2010-09-16 12:17
songs good although i think the lead dancer and professional dancers are shit

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