Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)

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Enjoy the WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE of 'Shaheed Bhagat Singh ' by Foji right here on

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After the continued success of 'Dafa ho ja' and now 'Bruah', UK born vocalist Foji Gill is set to release a tribute track dedicated to the life of decorated Indian freedom fighter 'Bhagat Singh'.

Bhagat Singh was one of the most influential figures in the Indian Independence movement; a powerful leader, Bhagat Singh alongside Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged by the British Government.

Although playing an priceless role in the independence movement, it is individuals such as Bhagat Singh & others who have been forgotton by the history books of today, instead suggesting that Mahatama Gandhi was the sole individual responsible for India gaining independence. It is this legacy of Bhagat Singh which needs to be remembered by the youth of today.

With the topic close to Foji Gill, the single 'Bhagat Singh' will be releasing early August, and will be a reminder to the achievements and sacrifice made by Bhagat Singh and other forgotton freedom fighters of the Indian independence movement. A video for the single was shot in India, with Foji Gill ensuring that no corners have been cut for this special project.









Real Recognise Real
+1 #40 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)Real Recognise Real 2010-08-23 13:57
[censored] off people..He is just reminding us of the legend. Bhagat Singh is a big man.
sunny in yer face 2
+3 #39 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)sunny in yer face 2 2010-08-14 23:52
(Sorry, I've had to post this over two seperate messages)...

All those Indian music experts on here who have said he's rubbish, he can't perform, voice has been altered blah blah, see the link below... the Times of India seem to have noticed him.

This thread is about this track. Within a song and a video, Foji has produced an epic of Titanic proportions. If you listen to and understand the words, it is a proclamation that should ring through the ears of any Indian who has the slightest interest in their own history.
sunny in yer face
+3 #38 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)sunny in yer face 2010-08-14 23:51
Whatever you think, wherever this peaks in the charts... this production is a piece of art, it has come from the heart of someone who realises what another son of India did to ensure his country was free from imperialism. These acts have shaped our lives today, we have been brought up as we have because of them. Don't be ignorant to them - think about it.

If you've ever watched Dead Poets Society, remember the line "The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." The play is the our world, and the verse is what we contribute to it within our lifetimes. Until you have written a verse that is better, more inspirational, or more memorable than Foji's.... don't diss it.

Quoting sunny in yer face:
One, if not both, of Foji's next two tracks are gonna be amongst the biggest tracks of the decade. 2001-2010, or 2010-2019 - pick whichever decade you want, but punjabi music lovers, belt yourselves in and get ready for the ride....
+1 #37 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)sandykgill 2010-08-11 17:43
im not hating, jus saying how i feel. foji cnt sing bottom line. his video r v good, but dat far as it goes
+1 #36 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)Raaj 2010-08-11 16:29
You know your doing something right when you have haters
+1 #35 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)Smee 2010-08-11 08:32
His songs Dafa Hoja and Bruaaahh are great... enjoyed the video to this song but I'm not into political type songs. Good effort though - at least he is expressing himself using a variety of topics. People complaining should be more constructive with their feedback. If you don't like his voice then don't listen and stick to what you know. Everyone deserves a chance for their hard work. At least he's not a 'producer type' who gets others to sing songs and stands around in his videos trying to look cool!
+1 #34 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)sandykgill 2010-08-10 20:35
yes dull, as i said so does all the other acts sing live with a cd no big deal, h dhami did bolyian no big deal. look at mumzy he was amazing. the vocals r poor bottom line.
+1 #33 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)satty_ 2010-08-10 18:45
dull? its a song about bhagat singh, do u want him to make it a dancefloor anthem?

and here's the vdieo to his mela performance, u can tell he is singing live, there is a cd playing behind but he is singing live and even does live boliyan
+2 #32 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)sandykgill 2010-08-10 17:22
i was right at the front and heard and saw everything, foji sang over a cd like the rest of the acts, he didnt sing live, he wasnt the first act on. there was no stage presence, i was looking forward to seeing him but he was a let down. his new song sounds dull, im not a hater, i loved foji first track but after dat all down hill... sorry guys
-1 #31 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)mannyd 2010-08-10 13:53
Re London Mela, everyone was disappointed when Foji came on cause they hyped up Imran Khan so much who turned up late. SO that was against Fogi before he even got on the stage, but he did turn the crowd around which is a credit to him, he aslo tackled the hecklers again brave of him. as for Imran Khan and H Dhami 2 very bid names who have been around for a while. FOji a new comer who sings LIVE and is different, each artist should be respected for what they achieve you can please some of the people soem of the time but you cant please everyone all the time. Given the circumstances he did well watch it on BBC website and judge for yourself.
-3 #30 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)tazzzzzzzzzzzzz 2010-08-10 11:57
why has evry1 bought up the london mela coz foji was sik at the london mela.
-1 #29 RE: Foji - Shaheed Bhagat Singh (World Premeire 8th August)satty_ 2010-08-10 10:58
Quoting sandykgill:
satty u must have been at the wrong mela, even the dj cut him off. u kidding me the only act that got the crowd going. ppl went crazy when imran khan and h dhami came on.

i didnt say he was the ONLY act did i??

i said he was the first one n its always hard when ur first on, but he did a good job.

at least he sung live compared to the others!!!

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