Satinder Sartaaj - Paani (Video)

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Check out the video by the classy Satinder Sartaaj for his song 'Paani Panjan Daryawan Wala', the album is out now on iTunes. Check out the link to buy below.

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Highly talked about Satinder Sartaaj releases his new album in the UK under the Moviebox label, having already sold out concerts in North America, Satinder Sartaaj phenemenon has finally hit the UK! - The Home of Bhangra Online

Satinder Sartaaj - Sartaj BUY NOW


bhangra singh
-1 #4 RE: Satinder Sartaaj - Paani (Video)bhangra singh 2010-05-29 14:36
yeah its reali nt a gd look without the silly hair hangin out wud be good
0 #3 desi345 2010-05-22 19:52
Whats wrong witht his guy ???? hairs hangin out ? wearing turban....he needs to get slapped.
+1 #2 A.Kaur 2010-05-11 17:01
because he's trying to resemble Waris Shah
+1 #1 Bobz 2010-05-11 16:19
y has this dude got a turban on and his hair out?

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