Tubsy Ft Makhan Singh - Chatti (Video)

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Check out the 2nd video to the song 'CHATTI' coming off the album titled, 'Jatt Sheran Varge aka Loada Dhollucks', produced by legendary UK Bhangra figure; Tubsy.

{flvremote img="" showstop="true" width="460" height="300" usefullscreen="true"} Singh - Chatti.flv{/flvremote}
{flvremote divid="Mar10/Bhangra/Makhan Singh - Chatti.flv" popup="true" autostart="true" img="" showstop="true" width="840" height="500" usefullscreen="true" stretch="3"} Singh - Chatti.flv{/flvremote} {avrpopup type="lightbox" id="Mar10/Bhangra/Makhan Singh - Chatti.flv"}Click here to turn the lights down!{/avrpopup}

The album is out now! - The Home of Bhangra Online


0 #6 singh1 2010-03-15 16:15
[censored]ing rubbish........ ..
high shite
+1 #5 high shite 2010-03-13 18:32
i want my money back for this album!!!

this guy is shit singer and Tubsy out of all people woh has many percussion talents should stick to that as is the album even mixed and mastered. lmao FU!Kin [censored]do shite
0 #4 :S 2010-03-13 17:26
wow this is a 'Loada Dhollucks' :sigh:
+1 #3 pak789 2010-03-12 22:00
rai530, hindus dancing? how do you know they hindus...
same old crap, standard loops, standard bhangra choone with a kak video....regard less of where it was shot.
same old standard bhangra industry.
+1 #2 rai530 2010-03-10 23:44
wow... one of the worst videos ive seen in a long time - crappy "2D" green screen tech, some hindus dancing in the background(vide o was probably shot in Bombay instead of Punjab to save money) and to makes things even worse the girl looks like shes 14!!
0 #1 Jatt_9 2010-03-09 22:40
Why would you call your album Loada Dhollucks??? Basically just calling his album bollocks!!! Its nearly as bad as that Mitch Hayre calling his album Life's a Mitch loll!!

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