Manmohan Waris - Khullay Khatay (Video)

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Enjoy the latest video, titled, "Khullay Khatay" by Manmohan Waris. The song comes off his new album "Dil Te Na Laeen."

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Khullay Khatay is Manmohan Waris's brand new song from his new album "Dil Te Na Laeen."

The lyrics of this song are by Preet Khetla and music is by Sangtar.

The video director is Sandeep Sharma

Credits to Plasma Records - The Home of Bhangra Online


mr bean
+1 #1 mr bean 2010-02-28 16:48
Is it me or has Manmohan put on a few pounds he should watch his caleroies! LMAO but his great

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