Malkit Singh - Sada Mama Bada Great (Video)

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Check out the FULL VIDEO for the track 'Sada Mama Bada Great' sung by Bhangra legend Malkit Singh (MBE). The single comes off the latest release by Malkit Singh titled 'Billo Rani' which is out now.

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'Billo Rani' marks another chapter in the career of Malkit Singh (MBE), the album features production from Bob Rai, Rishi Rich and Panjabi By Nature.

Sada Mama Bada Great is set to become another party classic from Malkit Singh, with it already receiving heavy rotation on the wedding circuit. - The Home of Bhangra Online


0 #4 Gerrard 2012-03-31 17:28
Nice punjabi song!
mr bean
+3 #3 mr bean 2010-02-28 16:46
This is gonna be a huge hit at weddings
0 #2 xxpunjabkurixx 2010-02-27 01:22
balle mbe daa, this is a catchy tuneee
0 #1 harp12 2010-02-26 21:34
awesome wedding song.

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