Sukshinder Shinda - Tasveer (Video)

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Check out the FULL VIDEO for the track 'Tasveer' sung by the brilliant Sukshinder Shinda. The single comes off the brand new devotional release by Sukshinder Shinda titled 'Satguru Mera' which is out now.

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SatGuru Mera' is a new devotional album by Bhangra Superstar Sukshinder Shinda which features collaborations with Jazzy B and Manjit Pappu on the album.

SatGuru Mera is out now worldwide and to buy online via iTunes and Amazon MP3. - The Home of Bhangra Online


+1 #5 foji 2010-02-26 09:03
pure amazing love the video. Big respect out to all the artists that bringing our untold religous history to the youth who may not know the storys behind Siri Guru Gobinds Singhs sacrafices for us and other religous historical storys
V Singh
+1 #4 V Singh 2010-02-18 10:59
Sukshinder Shinda has once again shown alot of talent in his music with vocals and production well done Shinda keep it up !
+2 #3 wow 2010-02-16 14:04
+1 #2 kazz.. 2010-02-16 10:06
Shinda paji has taken this to just another level – thank you for sharing this and really appreciate that Sikhism is being presented like this.
+1 #1 Sukh 2010-02-16 00:07
Amazing video and song.

Can't praise Sukshinder Shinda enough for his efforts regarding the Satguru Mera album.

I'm not sure what the sales figures have been like, or indeed the album even broke even, but he has backed the album up with four superb videos, each providing an important visual aid alongside the high quality lyrics.

As I said, Can't praise him enough.

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