Panjabi MC ft Avion - Panjaban Remix (Promo Video)

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Put your shades on and get ready to bounce to another explosive remix from the hugely popular Panjabi MC!

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The man who bought us the monster hit “Mundian To Bach Ke”, took bhangra to another level when hip hop icon Jay-Z featured on the track.

Now, he continues his mission to bring bhangra into the mainstream with another killer collaboration for his latest offering, the “Panjaban Shades On Remix.”

This time he has hooked up with the talented Brooklyn-based rapper, Avion, a protégé of one of hip hop’s most revered acts, Eric B, to give his original track, “Panjaban” some urban treatment.

Check out the promo video for the remix


Kulfi Man
0 #1 Kulfi Man 2010-03-16 01:04
CHOOON! On par with Mundiya To Bach Ke.

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