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Jeet (The Family) - Zara Bachke Live Session (Video)

Jeet from the Channel 4 show 'The Family' has just signed up to The Soundpipe Records to launch his new single. Check out this video were he talks about the new single and an exclusive live session with Taj E & BEE2.
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The charming but cheeky reality TV star, Jeet, who is currently entertaining viewers on the Channel 4 show “The Family” is set to captivate music lovers with his first single “Zara Bachke (Just Watch Out)”.

“Zara Bachke (Just Watch Out)” will present a blend of Bhangra and Asian Urban beats with contemporary pop melodies designed to make you dance, and is being put together by Taj-E, one of the Asian music scene’s hottest young producers. Jeet and Taj-E are feverishly working away in the studio to complete the track for release in the New Year and a music video accompanying the contagious track will be shot later this month by The Sound Pipe Media.

Just watch out for Jeet’s new single and music video out soon on The Sound Pipe Records.

For more information about Jeet’s debut single, forthcoming album, videos, and live shows check out