Jassi Sohal - Jaago (Video)

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Check out the video from Jassi Sohal, album, titled, "Back 2 Roots".
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The Bhangra Music Sensation Jassi Sohal is back again with his album titled, 'BACK 2 ROOTS' featuring 12 brand new tracks.

The album itself covers all aspects of music, its something that elders and youngsters can listen to and enjoy. There is a different feel to each track, some slow and some with hard bass riffs and dhol beats.

"It has been a long hard journey but its out there for the people and I hope they enjoy dancing & listening to it as much as I have enjoyed making it".

Out Now on the Amar Audio in India and Saahilmusic Label, UK.

Music by : Sukhpal Sukh

Directed / Edited by: Jaspreet Rajan


raja ks
+3 #1 raja ks 2009-12-10 09:48
traditional, colourful and true bhangra, thanks, more of these please :)

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