Sukh Sarkaria - Talli (Video)

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Enjoy the latest video coming off the brand new album 'Various – Hardcore Desi 2'.
{flvremote img="" showstop="true" width="460" height="300" usefullscreen="true"} SukhSarkaria.flv{/flvremote}
{flvremote divid="Talli_ SukhSarkaria.flv" popup="true" autostart="true" img="" showstop="true" width="840" height="500" usefullscreen="true" stretch="3"} SukhSarkaria.flv{/flvremote} {avrpopup type="lightbox" id="Talli_ SukhSarkaria.flv"}Click here to turn the lights down!{/avrpopup}

The video features Sukh Sarkaria. The album is out now on iTunes and you can purchase via


paath bhog
+1 #1 paath bhog 2009-11-30 22:18
another piss poor release from second rate vips records.

total blame on moviebox and vip records for their continuous attempts at destabalising the uk bhangra market with sh1te

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