iFFi-K Ft Kinsha & Cheshire Cat - Sun Lay Sohniyeh (Video)

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A.K. Records proudly launches the first music video Sun Lay Sohniyeh from the Album “RHYTHM ON FIRE” by IRFAN KHAN a.k.a iFFi-K

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After the super hit track from the last album Sohniyeh Teri Surat, Irfan Khan a.k.a ‘iFFi-K’ returns with a brand new album titled "Rhythm on Fire".

The album features 12 exclusive new tracks by the finest Music Producers from around the World. The visually stunning, fast paced video 'Sun Lay Sohniyeh' is the first of many videos to accompany this high profile release.


Aliya x
+1 #4 Aliya x 2010-03-01 14:49
Quoting jay:
pure phudu

Na Juzd Cuz Da Cn Sinng N u Cnttt Fuukinn Bulshtt Mayyn x
Pargat Singh
+1 #3 Pargat Singh 2009-11-10 11:35
Needs to work on the image but u have to say it is a good song, its catchy. Its the type of song u would get in a bollywood film. Well Done.
Sonia ali khan
0 #2 Sonia ali khan 2009-11-04 17:45
Wicked Song.
+4 #1 jay 2009-11-02 20:31
pure phudu

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