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U Music Ft Daljit Mattu - Soni Kuri (Video)

Captains log star date September 2009. My journey has now taken me to the star ship U Music. The beats and pulsating sounds that they have created are rocking the universe, which have forced me to join them to produce “Soni Kuri” to continue with our journey.

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Sometimes comes a new force with fresh epithets. A force that clicks a nu’ groove and lays down nu’ dance beats. From a Desi mind set comes a wicked new crew taking hip hop tendencies into a desi groove. .

For those who have not experienced then lets get ready to rumble with U Music. Heavily influenced by a new wave of revivalism, U Music gives a fresh impetus to the Punjabi desi nation. Hardcore heaven, phat desi beats with lyrical toughness provided by the captain

One more single to follow in the next few weeks, before the release of the album.

U Music are here with a bang with their brand of music that U will want to hear again and again.