Twin Beats - Medley (Dil Vich Tareya & Nath Digpaye) [Video]

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Check out the medley video from the upcoming album, "Twin Beats - Sounds of Punjab", which is out soon on the VIP Records Label.

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With the vocal talents of some of the most distinguished vocalists in the industry, along with an arsenal of dancefloor ready tracks, the debut promises to establish the duo and to make them recognised as credible Bhangra producers as well as DJ's.


0 #3 Jsingh 2009-10-13 22:47
Sounds good......looki ng forward
dj as
0 #2 dj as 2009-10-13 19:57
twin beats - deffo an album to watch out for
love the videos lol
gotta guy who barely kno's the songs tied with a girl who dances like a 4 year old lol
music is hevy though
kaka's vox magic once again
0 #1 japs 2009-10-12 09:43
dil wich is realy a nice song.. keep it up guys

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