Shami Samplay Feat Sudesh Kumari - Sharabi (Video)

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After the successes of Shamis Khabardar Twilight Promotions Records are pleased to announce the new UK single release of Shami Samplays duet track with Sudesh Kumari entitled SHARABI. The music comes from the successful music talents of Jassi Bros.

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This is taken from Shamis forthcoming new album which is currently untitled and due for a Summer 2010 release on Twilight Promotions Records. The album will include a variety of music producers on the album.

Shami Samplay is also featuring on Twilight DJs eagerly awaited compilation album in early 2010.

The song will be made for official download soon.


0 #2 seem 2009-10-10 19:52
cos the singeres dont see themselves are good enough/sexy lol
0 #1 jamiee 2009-10-08 09:29
Why don’t the actual singers make more a presence in songs? That’s not Sudesh Kumari in the song is it?

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