Shizzio featuring Tigerstyle - I Swear (Video)

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Check out the fantastic new video for "I Swear" (Kasam Khuda Di) from Shizzio featuring Tigerstyle.

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The London based rapper has teamed up with globally renowned producers Tigerstyle to create a unique sound for the summer. Having cemented themselves in the British Asian industry, production duo Tigerstyle have been working on various projects and have recently hooked up with Shizzio to develop a new sound. “I Swear” crosses many genres and boundaries with a fusion of grime, rock and Asian beats.

The video captures the essence of the song, which some say is the Urban Desi anthem of the summer.

BBC Radio One and BBC Asian Network DJ Nihal says “Like Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' or 50 Cent’s 'I Get Money', Shizzio’s ‘I Swear’ has the potential to destroy not only dancefloors but all buildings within a five mile radius. Tigerstyle's heavyweight production and Shizzio's stone crushing lyrical delivery will shock you to the core”.

Shizzio's "I Swear" (Kasam Khuda Di) featuring Tigerstyle is available on iTunes from August 8th.


Zara Raxz X`
+2 #8 Zara Raxz X` 2010-07-20 14:24
Fitty :oops: lol, siick Tune its a f***** banger 4 nightclubz!!!!! !! xxxxx
M L S x
-2 #7 M L S x 2010-06-10 09:07
Quoting ll cool J:
i swear 2 dis is shit :o

Immm shooo uu cnt mkee betaa fngs dn ds caannn yaaaa???
-2 #6 Unzillaaahhh 2010-06-10 09:05
Quoting Madhia:
Shit Trakk Lmaoo .x


hahahahaha luuk hu twkinnn slaaag x :lol:
-4 #5 badman 2010-03-03 20:34
u mans are pussy dis track is hard fam
-3 #4 Madhia 2009-10-19 14:32
Shit Trakk Lmaoo .x

Big man
-3 #3 Big man 2009-09-27 16:38
I don't know why Dj Nihal is comparing the tune to “Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' or 50 Cent’s 'I Get Money" Whats the point in chatting shit like that just to hype the record and support the "asian" artist. Supporting an asian artist is one thing but to chat shit is another, when its no where near that standard, good Uk track, but i don't see peeps dancing to this. That why the industry is dead because people over hype tracks and the asian industry comes out with crap.
ll cool J
-2 #2 ll cool J 2009-09-11 14:35
i swear 2 dis is shit :o
-1 #1 M2K 2009-08-26 22:02
i swear dwn dis iz sh*t!

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