Baljit Malwa - Maujan (Video)

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 2.07 (7 Votes) present the third video from Baljit Malwa for the album title track 'Maujan'

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{flvremote divid="Baljit Malwa Maujan.flv" popup="true" autostart="true" img="" showstop="true" width="840" height="500" usefullscreen="true" stretch="3"} Malwa Maujan.flv{/flvremote} {avrpopup type="lightbox" id="Baljit Malwa Maujan.flv"}Click here to turn the lights down!{/avrpopup}

'Maujan' is the lead single from the debut album by Baljit Malwa. With his song 'Chabi' fast becoming a worldwide anthem, we are proud to showcase his debut album 'Maujan'

Make sure you check back very soon for an exclusve video interview with the man himself! It's one not to be missed!, The Home of Bhangra Online


Rajvinder Shrah
+2 #1 Rajvinder Shrah 2011-02-04 22:59
Gaana bahut vadiya ah

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