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Baljit Malwa - Akhian (Video)

From the man who brought you the worldwide anthem 'Chabi' check out the video for the song 'Akhian' which has proved equally popular.

{flvremote img="" showstop="true" width="460" height="300" usefullscreen="true"}{/flvremote}
{flvremote divid="baljitakhian.flv" popup="true" autostart="true" img="" showstop="true" width="840" height="500" usefullscreen="true" stretch="3"}{/flvremote} {avrpopup type="lightbox" id="baljitakhian.flv"}Click here to turn the lights down!{/avrpopup} are once again showcasing the amazing Baljit Malwa for a second time. This time it's for the song 'Akhian' which is the first single off his album 'Maujan'.

Having gained sucess with the anthem 'Chabi', Baljit Malwa is slowly making himself known throughout the Bhangra community worldwide!

Make sure you check back soon for an Exclusive Video Interview with Baljit Malwa, alongside an amazing live session! It's something you do not want to miss! The Home of Bhangra Online