Jaswinder Daghamia - Yaar Nai Labhde Worldwide Video Premiere

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The Exclusive First Play of 'Yaar Nai Labhde', sung by the extraordinary Jaswinder Daghamia!

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Jaswinder Daghamia is back! After the amazing sucess of 'Pegg', 'Chutki' & the amazing 'Gabru Gulab Warga', get ready for 'Yaar Nai Labhde'!

Centresonic Sounds are proud to announce the debut album of singing sensation Jaswinder Daghamia. ‘Yaar Nai Labhde’ is a 10 track album produced by the talented Gupsy Aujla and will finally cement Jaswinder Daghamia as one of the premiere vocalists in the Bhangra industry.

Jaswinder Daghamia - Yaar Nai Labhde will be releasing August 14th worldwide! Make sure you check back at for more exclusive updates. The Home of Bhangra Online

Update: The Jaswinder Daghamia video premiere saw an amazing rate of 3000 hits just within the first hour. Consequently the website was unable to cope with the demand of the sheer number of users wanting to see the video!


0 #19 desijattnu 2009-08-11 21:29
big big big tune!!!
+3 #18 Anonymouse 2009-08-01 17:55
This sounds the best in the whole album. Well done Gupsy and Jaswinder!
+3 #17 reena_ 2009-07-28 21:38
sounds wicked from what has hap[censored]ed , when is the album out and any more videos?
Gursewak GSR
+3 #16 BhajiGursewak GSR 2009-07-22 01:15
Congrtulation for Best Album "Yaar Nai Labhde"
Sewa (Goldy)
+2 #15 GupsySuperJatt 2009-07-20 10:41
:D i think this is a smasher, Gupsy's production is up there with Sukhshinda and Aman!
the singer is ok, think Gupsy should work with some bigger names now.
His dari and mucha lookin baaaad!
+1 #14 pete. 2009-07-20 01:21
Loving this tune, sure brings the best out of both gupsy and jaswinder, peace ppl
0 #13 dulay 2009-07-19 11:22
thoka is a sick track,cant wait for the new album to be out,i would have bought it even if it was normal price,its the other albums that have 1 hit track albums that should be putting there albums for £2.99,the introduction of VIP downloads is good thing though it will help reduce the amount of illegal downloading as well as improve sales,the tracks that are good can be purchased for 99p or less,i think bhangra albums have been watered down in quality since the unda the influence,romeo years the same quality isnt there now apart from about 5 or 6 albums a year from 10+ from the 90's,so far this year the only solid albums have been Collabarations 2,Poetry and Hoor(Harjit Harman)
0 #12 Bhima[vancouver] 2009-07-19 01:01
hey man wat a nice song and video....its gonna b i want ur nxt video to be in vancouver...... .waitin fer u to come.....u gonna rock da world......
Rahul [vancouver]
0 #11 Rahul [vancouver] 2009-07-19 00:57
kida bai khuti paa diti aaja veer vancouver nu ve ethe aag khada ge oh kam v karava ge jehra uk nahi hunda tera
0 #10 ___ 2009-07-18 15:00
Just me or does it sound similar to Nirmal Sidhu's Sher Punjabi?
0 #9 Sukh 2009-07-18 06:18
The lyrics are quality! Big tune, will smash it!
0 #8 chak de jaswinder...japs 2009-07-18 05:40
another nice song buddy... waiting for the album..

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