Romy & Naseebo Lal - Bhaichara (Video)

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Full Video of the track " BHAICHARA" from the album, "Koi Ki Jaane", featuring the artists - Romy and Naseebo Lal.


The video has been shot at the International Border & other locations in Jammu & Kashmir and this is an effort,a prayer for peace between the two Nations.

The album has eleven tracks sung by Romy and Naseebo Lal. Music is by Jeetu G and D j Mill. Starring tracks like 'Koi Ki Jaane', 'Suit', 'Peenea Te Jeenea' and more, this album is worth a listen.


Shashi Bhatia
0 #2 Shashi Bhatia 2010-11-11 06:38
This truly unique musical duet of two communities that speak “Aman Ki Bhasha” (Language of Peace). ‘Aman Ki Bhashi demonstrated that the people of both nation can come together in a spirit of brotherhood, showing by example the common threads of humanity that bind together the people of India, Pakistan.
fareed pakistani
+1 #1 fareed pakistani 2009-08-24 01:36
This is an excellent song of brotherhood and friendship for all pakistanis and all hindustanis,may we live in peace with eachother.AMEEN .

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