Sahib G - Never Let You Go & Valayti Daru (Video)

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Check out the first of two videos from musician and producer 'Sahib G', his debut album titled 'The Manuscript' is releasing soon on VIP Records

The Video features the tracks 'Never Let You Go' which has been sung by Rakesh Memhi featuring Apeksha Dandekar. The second song is 'Valayti Daru' which has been vocalled by Jassi Sohal.

Sahib G - The Manuscript will be releasing soon on VIP Records. Digital Download via


+2 #2 raeesa 2010-01-10 20:23
wikid track, i love it xxx :D
+3 #1 funksta 2009-06-25 21:25
this guy obviously understands muzik !

God bless.

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