Happy Bains - Ik Pee La (Promo Video)

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Songwriter Happy Bains is preparing to take on the trials and tribulations of the music industry in a new way, through his unique style of singing.

Happy Bains was born in the village of Shadipur (Punjab), India and does not have the typical ?destined for stardom? tag. For over 15 years Happy has been writing meaningful, love, dance tracks and many more.

He already has the likes of Taz Stereonation, Jassi Sidhu, Shin DCS, Asif Khan, ADH, Amrinder Gill, Lembher Hussainpuri and more on his impressive portfolio thus far.

Writing hits such as ?Phuchal?, ?Akh Largai? and Punjabi MC?s renowned ?Dhol Jageero Da? and numerous other hits which are on this profile.

His most famous work to date would be collaborating with The Sahotas on various albums over the years. After the hard work he has put in through his lyrics, Happy Bains is ready for a brand new challenge.

Although he has been singing for a while it has never been a serious aspect of his life. However he has found new inspiration and has decided to get into the studio.

After deciding to use his vocals as his new instrument Happy Bains is ready and raring to go and get his singing career on track and to make it a long and worthwhile journey with his first single ?Ik Pee La?, Due for a summer release.

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hmmm lets see what the video/song is before one makes a thought about this one!

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