Manj Banwait - Bhangra Never Dies (Video)

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'Bhangra Never Dies' is the brand new single by young Derby based vocalist 'Manj Banwait'. Check out his new track produced by Notorious Jatt featuring HMC! The album titled 'Bhangra Never Dies' will be releasing mid-april on the Outbound Record Label.

The video was shot and directed by WV Entertainment in full HD format!


+1 #81 sonaa 2010-05-29 11:58
no more pleaseee xx
+1 #80 Guest 2009-05-28 19:46
if the albums been in the charts and played on bbc asian network i doubt that makes it a flop you mong lol if it was a flop you wouldnt have even heard it...and btw he\'s sexyy unlike you gays on here
0 #79 Guest 2009-05-28 15:44
This dude should give up. 2 flop albums. He cant sing and looks horrible.
+1 #78 Guest 2009-05-28 09:21
i don\'t want no arguements but from the start of the song was very bad i mean the acting was poor.. the song jus was NOT MY choice
+1 #77 Guest 2009-05-13 14:23
thwari bey ki lagan sori nyo thari bey na muu isreh hoy gya :woohoo:
+1 #76 Gopi_kaur* 2009-05-08 20:47
:woohoo: I fink dis song is good i love it!!!!!
I don\'t no y all yewz sayin its shit!! :sad:
Well done Manj!
-1 #75 Guest 2009-05-07 09:40
Are you guys having a laugh?

It sounds awful and Manj can not sing. This album will do nothing for bhangra and I cant see any radios or DJs pushing this album besides Notorious Jatt who is becoming worse and worse with every release I may add.

Pegg and Aish was good but now his sound is getting very boring.

Manj please just concentrate on your degree because you are killing bhangra.
0 #74 BhangraCritic 2009-05-07 01:26
after listening to this song further and having the words Bhangra never diesssss drilled into my head ive come to realize that even thought this is a catchy song whihc i have come to like, manj hasn\'t done anything to save Bhangra, all he\'s done is that with the help of a good video producer and production from notorious Jatt is that he can make a very CATCHY song with that has a chorus that every1 can sing or even shout along to.

In Manjs defense it nice to see another UK boy singing Punjabi song correctly, the rest of his album has some good tracks on there, but it wont be album of the year, that for definite.
0 #73 Guest 2009-04-25 18:25
:P Really loved Nach Nach frm the album,music by Bharat is balle balle
0 #72 ?? 2009-04-25 16:25
to be honest... i personally think that there is nothing wrong with this song...
i speak punjabi as well...hes done a bloddy good job with this song... i fink he deserves a lot of respect...becau se he 100% wicked...!
you shud deserve good things afta great work... especially singing...
0 #71 Shera 2009-04-02 21:59
Sounds like the guy below is a relative or something. Its like this, in ur first album when I heard u, i thought u were a singer from india, good [censored] voice. I think the effects on the voice have ruined it. The song is good with good lyrics as well but should have dropped the rapping and the effects and it would have sounded so different. Shouldnt let negative comments get u down, just learn from mistakes. Keep it up.
0 #70 Guest 2009-04-01 16:27
parm mate if u got such a itch up ur arse why dont you go sing instead of crying like a little kurri saying your gettin vexed, and next man manj has got a levels and gcses in panjabi so i\'m sure he\'s studied the language more than you have you wasteman

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