King Gurcharan Mall ? Bajaa Bajdaa (Video)

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The 3rd Video, featuring the vocals of 'Vikey Moranwalia' from the album titled, "Akh Matacka", which is out now.

The 14 track album masterminded by Gurcharan Mall features a brand new sound from the Bhangra legend.


+1 #1 Bhangraholic 2009-02-24 16:06
wjkk wjkf!!. . . enough respektt to g mall saab ma dhol teacha butt i gotta b honesttt usaad ji dese songss aint gonna last long in u.k. . . .definately feeling wat hez done in dis album but d fooolz in u.k. wont understandddddd it. . .dey gunna disrespectt it like anything without finkinggg he use to b d dholki as well d dhol player for apna sangeeeeeeeet. . .hez biggg and wa he duz mkes senceee. . .geuss dis album iz gonna make it big in india but not here in u.k. SHAME ON SMEE IDIOTS ONCE AGAIN

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