En Karma - Tohar Naal Jeena (Video Teaser)

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Enjoy the Video Teaser from EnKarma.

Ricky, Ravi, Pip, Inder, Nick and JP, collectively known as the North America?s First Bhangra Band ?EnKarma? are set to release the first single Tohar Naal Jeena.

En Karma has performed alongside and accompanied countless internationally renowned Bhangra and main stream recording artists and are now; set to top the charts with their brand new single, Tohar Naal Jeena.

Tohar Naal Jeena is available for worldwide digital distribution through the official En Karma website ( at no cost to En Karma fans - get your free copy from us!.

The lads from EnKarma would like to thank all their fans and well wishers for their love and support throughout the past few years as the guys developed as artists and individuals.


0 #10 BhanGraaaaa 2009-04-07 18:17
:side: :P gudddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! sadly hard 2 find on mp3 !!!
0 #9 Bhangraholic 2009-02-24 16:23
Uno wat good to see bands coming bak to the scene. . .every1z getting the credits for watt der role iz in d beginning of d song. . .i meann dese manz r good for wat dey doing. . hping to see decent trackss goinn for d future and pleaseeeeeeeeee donttt start doing PAz. . .

bhangra lover
0 #8 bhangra lover 2008-11-30 02:53
LOVE IT!!!! Great effort guys. Its haters like these that put bhangra and new talent down. Excellent work. love the live band aspect. Guys look fly. Keep up the great work.
0 #7 Guest 2008-11-29 00:06
Sounds really good, theres nothing wrong with the singer...dont get what everyone else is on but people need to stop hating. We need more \'Live Bands\' to come back, its REAL BHANGRA!
0 #6 MANA 2008-11-28 20:45
khoteyooooooooo ooooooooo sharama te awndiii nahiiii!! jau ja kar doooooob marrooooo!!!!!! !! pure copyyyyyyy!!!
0 #5 crap 2008-11-28 18:26
cant sing and video is similar to the videos already out there too many doing this kind of videos be creative
0 #4 good vidzak 2008-11-28 14:47
awsome vid man lot betta then ones out there at mo song pretty decent to not amazing but great for a debut good job peeps keep doing your thing
0 #3 Guest 2008-11-28 07:26
someone tell the singer, whoever he is, that he needs to learn how to sing... the ammount of effort even in a single song that these guys put out :o seems sub par. nice try lol
0 #2 waste of timeGuest 2008-11-28 07:21
wat garbage, yup i did waste my time clicking on this crap... who releases a debut so single track??? wat do u exxpect from a song in a competitive market, aint gonaa do you any good??? and on top of that played out lines just changed here and there... please leave the hit songs like tohar punjabiyaan di (joti dhillon), sher punjabi (aman hayer), and others alone and think of somethin original... :angry:
0 #1 Guest 2008-11-28 01:42
Looks real good. Looking forward to the whole video. Great track.

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