Panjabi MC - Snake Charmer (Exclusive Video)

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Enjoy the video from the brand new album by anthem maker Panjabi MC which is ready to be unleashed around the world!

Aptly titled 'Indian Timing' the album features a massive 20 tracks, with 80minutes of music jam packed into one CD is out soon.


Sam K
0 #27 Sam K 2009-08-05 18:42
Wot a Toooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo one!!!!!!!!!!!! ! cool.
0 #26 Guest 2009-01-20 09:45
hw fit is dat dholi :P
0 #25 jokes 2008-11-25 16:51
i cant belevie sum1 like pmc has made a video like this
its pathetic
like he did it at home behind his green curtains (green screen effect)(4 those who dont know)

and i bet he will get away with it cos of his name

-2 #24 Guest 2008-11-21 19:03
amazing album
good stuff pmc boy ! in india we loving your kool beats !
-1 #23 Guest 2008-11-21 17:46
Lyrics are jus sooo cheap lool tunez sik though
mr desirable
0 #22 mr desirable 2008-11-19 01:06
what can i say pmc and kray twinz r doing their own thing and smashing it up

i heard a kray twinz album i think it was summertime aint been released yet that had some big tunes one it expecially the tune mixed wid boliyan and elephant man

anyways moving to pmc the man has done it again what an album. from this album there will be least one track that would appeal to every single person.
there are so many bangers on this album.
i jus love da makhanna track wicked and what a b line abit of dubbz in their cant beat it and boliyaan is gunna be a sick tune for weddings.

but the tune that sticks out actually isnt snake charmer it has to be track 6 i think it is known as i am a disco dancer. Im not in to hindi pop but that tune is gunna be HUGE. that should be released in the mainstream charts. this is a huge album well worth the £10 big up pmc.

d i s
d i s
d i s c o

u jus gotta listen to track 6 and u will know what i mean a club banger expecially in india
0 #21 J 2008-11-13 01:04
the promos for the album sound very weak. nuthing special at all. think its the poorest album from PMC to date. not excited on the release at all!
0 #20 Guest 2008-11-12 23:07
The video is sooooo retarded... :d... gr8 song though... but the video sucks ass.. hahahaha...
0 #19 Guest 2008-11-12 18:19
its aight. :-)
0 #18 Guest 2008-11-12 14:37
this is gonna be a very big song. i can already see it play on all the gora music channels.
0 #17 MANA 2008-11-12 14:12
loveeeeeeeeeeee e the beat..but the song isnt that special
Music Lover
0 #16 Music Lover 2008-11-11 23:26
Hmmmmm Just checked iTunes Mr Anonymous you are pretty spot on.

LOL This guy is a bedroom DJ

i must get inspired by him.I am starting from today :P My album will be out next year but will be on time :D

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