Labh Janjua speaks about his RELOADED experience!

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The highly awaited album ?Reloaded? from DJ H and DJ Rags is out soon and comes with an extra treat for Bhangra fans!

Get a copy of the CD and get a free DVD featuring the videos to ?Aaja Aaja?, ?Mar Javan? and the next track ?Jawani?. The DVD also features behind the scenes footage of the making of the videos and follows the lads on their escapades across Dubai, Mumbai, Punjab and LA. The DVD also features some fantastic exclusive interviews with the artists involved with album such as Amrit Saab, Pankaj Khanna and Kaka Bhainiawala.

Here is a snippet of an interview with the talented Punjabi singer Labh Janjua, who features on the track ?Aaja Aaja?. To see the rest of the interview you have to wait for the album!

Look out for more previews coming your way over the next week.

?Reloaded? is out 1st August on Reloaded Camp Records. Your CD collection is incomplete without it.

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top man
0 #4 top man 2010-08-13 14:39
his a great singer, woop woop! :lol:
lol man
0 #3 lol man 2008-08-15 16:24
hahahahahahaha :D

his english is sik

cammmon cammmon
0 #2 MANA 2008-07-26 20:04
hahahaahahaa shweeet shweeet
0 #1 lollol 2008-07-24 22:06
lol his punjbai is funny, caman

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