[Video Blog] - Pree Mayall - Episode 6 - "Aaja Aaja"

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So now back to the music!

The reason we have not come out with a new Video Episode in the past few weeks, is becasue we have been very hard at work!

New work on the next album has been started....The new music video is going to be shot...

Here is a peep into the next album!

Album name - N/A !

Singer - Pree Mayall

Writer / Composer - Amar Sandhu

Producer - Pree Mayall and Inner Vibe Production

This coming album, we will be working with many main stream artists and a ton a fresh new acts!

Give your inputs and please comment... =]

Pree Mayall

--------------------- Inner Vibe

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-1 #4 Guest 2008-07-22 16:10
hummm seemz lyk an nyc track B) i want it and datz 1 sxc car der mi bfs gt dat :P
+1 #3 MANA 2008-07-11 20:00
sounding niceeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee ;-)
0 #2 Guest 2008-07-07 18:51
sounds fresh..
i like it
0 #1 Guest 2008-07-07 11:24
this is hot!!!
finally he is bringing something fresh...
dont worry pree, we still love u ;-)

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