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DJ H & DJ Rag - 'Mar Javan' featuring Pankaj Khanna & Jas Johal (Exclusive Trailer)




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DJ H and DJ Rags hit you with another smash for the summer. ‘Mar Javan’ features the fresh vocal talents of Punjabi singer Pankaj Khanna and UK MC Jas Johal. Following their massive chart smasher ‘Aaja Aaja’, ‘Mar Javan’ is the next offering from the highly anticipated album ‘Reloaded’.

The uptempo catchy track is the perfect production of commercial Bhangra, influenced by the latest blitz of Bhangra music in Bollywood. Ballistic Productions once again serve up a real treat by lending their technical and creative talents for the video which was aptly shot at Mukesh Mill in Mumbai, a popular location for Bollywood film producers.

‘Mar Javan’ also brings onboard the musical talents of Bollywood producer Bharat Goel who co-produced this track for DJ H’s eagerly awaited second album. DJ H, who brought us the superhit ‘Ishq Brandy’ with his first album ‘The Debut’ has teamed up with fellow Calibar Roadshow DJ - Rags for an onslaught of dhols, tumbis and desi melodies on ‘Reloaded’. The album which is executively produced by the duo, will be out from 1st August and features an array of talent which make up the Reloaded Camp including Lehmber Hussainpuri, Labh Janjua, Pooja Kumar, Manak-E, Tanvir Gogi, Nirmal Sidhu, Miss Pooja, Billa Bakshi, Rebel Man, Kaka Bhainiawala and DJ Bola. The experience and engineering skills of Kam Frantic and RDB are employed to give this massive album an extra spark.

Probably one of the highest budget Bhangra albums ever, H and Rags are set to make major waves on the worldwide desi scene. The album infuses Bhangra melodies, from classic covers to contemporary Asian beats. With a mix of H and Rags’ creative talents, the pair have provided some unique sounds and styles on this offering which will score highly with fans and critics. Get ‘Reloaded’ and ready to rock whether it’s in your car or on the dance floor, the album is filled with funky beats and intense energy. High Definition videos accompany the album taking you on a rollercoaster ride from Los Angeles to Mumbai via the Panjab and the United Arab Emirates!