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Jazzy B - Rabb Rakhe Sukh (Video)

Out now is the track “Rabb Rakhe Sukh” by Jazzy B from the album Ustad Ji King Forever. The Music is by Prince Saggu and the Lyrics are penned by Teji Nabha.

"Rabb Rakhe Sukh" by Jazzy B is an upbeat and energetic track that uplifts listeners with its vibrant rhythms and lively melodies. Amidst its infectious tempo, the song carries profound lyrics that reflect on the grace and blessings bestowed upon one's life. Through its lyrics, the song highlights the blessings and grace bestowed upon the protagonist, emphasizing his inherent abilities and power.

Jazzy B Records Presents Official Music Video of ‘Rabb Rakhe Sukh’ by JAZZY B from the album ‘USTAD JI KING FOREVER’.

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