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Rajvatan ft. H Nandhra - The Chosen One (Video)


Out now is the track titled The Chosen One by Rajvatan who takes a contemporary approach towards both the music and the visuals.

Intertwined with the vision of the video director Vyran Dhindsey, the team orchestrated a simple yet effective storyboard where Rajvatan is seen performing the lyrics surrounded by a group of Bhangra dancers. Synchronicity is evident throughout the music video and aligns perfectly with the song itself.

Following the great success of his last single ‘Homeboyz’, Rajvatan wanted to take a different approach this time with ‘The Chosen One’ (produced by H Nandhra and written/composed by Ranbir Jhajj) by integrating sounds closer to the UK bhangra music scene; paying homage to traditional Punjabi instruments with a fresh Bhangra beat.

Rajvatan and the team hope to entice his listeners with a versatile song that can be played at any celebratory event.

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