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Boota Pardesi - Vich Ta Bhangre De feat. Cloud 9 Kolective (Exclusive Video/Track Listing)




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Boota’s last offering ‘Prophecy’ was released almost 3 years ago, which despite the down fall in the bhangra industry did remarkably well.

Now in 2008 will now see Boota step back into the Limelight with his second solo album, entitled the ‘Milestone’, OUT 12th JUNE 2008, feat. Cloud 9 Kolective, get ready to take back his seat along side the elite of today’s superstars, and bring back the everlasting name of Pardesi; Boota Pardesi.

Track listing and more info coming soon (thanks to Deepak Bhupla for info)


1. VICH TA BHANGRE DE – feat. Cloud 9 Kolective Lyrics: Sumal Mourliwala

2. SEHRA Lyrics: Tari Bhanwalipuria

3. TALI TE VAJEE TALI Lyrics: Sumal Mourliwala

4. HEER BALIYEH Lyrics: Lakhbir Kular/Jatinder Hampal

5. MYHIA feat. Jayshree Shivram Lyrics: Boota Pardesi

6. JAWO NA KAHIN feat. Anoopma Desh Pandit Lyrics: Boota Pardesi

7. DIN NU NA CHAIN feat. Jatinder Hampal (Happy) Lyrics: Tari Bhanwalipuria/Jatinder Hampal

8. HAANIA – (C9 Arabian re-fix) Lyrics: Dialpuri

9. MYHIA feat. Jayshree Shivram – (TSG re-fix) Lyrics: Boota Pardesi

10. THEKE TOH SHARAABI Lyrics: Poorehwala

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